NV Catering is excited to be partners with St. John’s Lutheran School to provide healthy, nutritional meals for the student lunch
program. We offer monthly meal plans and our dedicated team loves coming up with healthy food options while always trying to
throw in a touch of fun to keep the kids happy, healthy and smiling! We are able to provide nutritional breakdowns and meet any and all requirements set by each school or organization

 "Dear NV Catering, Thank you for making healthy food to make us grow. To make us strong too. I LOVE your food. Your doing a very good job, so keep on doing that. Your food is amazing too."

Love, Sahasra

"Dear NVCatering, thank you for your yummyest food ever! I love your happy smile that you allways have! You are so sweet may God Bless you All. ❤ Love from Gracie in 2nd Grade" ☺

"Dear NV Catering, Thank you for making all of are lunches and choosing us. Also thank you for making shure we have balanced food and helping us with out salad. Also, thank you for washing our dishes and being kind to us." - Troy